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Gorean Role Play ... What is it? Empty Gorean Role Play ... What is it?

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Gorean Role Play ... What is it?

What is Gorean Role-Play?  So far in this site we've talked tons about what Gor is and where it comes from.   We've described Gorean life in intimate detail and given you enough to enjoy month if not years of exciting role-play in the world of Gor.   Of course we haven't talked about what to expect when you do enter a room and start role-playing.  On this page we will do exactly that.

What is it like?

Unlike any online chat rooms, Gorean role-play rooms, are about taking on a persona and role-playing out the life of that character you've taken on.  You could loosely compare this to the way some of you may have one taking on a persona in Dungeons and Dragons as one example.   When you take a character into a chat room you become that character and type out what your character would say and do in the environment of the room.  

Once you put your imagination to work and get into the flavor of the room, you will find your time in Gor very enriching.

It is important however that you know and understand the nature of the room you've entered when you do give it your first try.   For instance, some rooms are considered safe for all and no harm can come to your character by entering the room.  This is the best type of room to enter initially as there are many subtle mistakes a person can make.  These rooms will typically be called a Fair, Marketplace or something similar.  Every role-play room will have a description at the entrance page, that description will also tell if it is a safe zone or a kill/capture zone.  

Should you enter a room that is considered a Kill/Capture Zone, you are accepting that you may be attacked, captured, enslaved or killed by another character once you enter.

As a Free Man, you face the possibility that another Man may challenge you and want to fight you.   Once in the room you must abide by the rules of the room so you are fair game in such rooms and if you don't know how to defend yourself it can get tricky fast.

As a Free Woman you could find yourself captured or enslaved if the room is not safe for Free Women to travel to alone.   Life is very dangerous for Free Women on Gor and the slightest wrong behavior can cause unwanted situations to develop.

As a slave, you can pretty much count on someone capturing and collaring you and making you their property or the property of the camp, city or individual community represented in the room.   Slave's seldom enter a room uncollared and leave it the same way unless its a safe zone where they are not be force collared.

Sound confusing yet?   We've only scratched the surface so find a safe room or a friend who is willing to help guide you in another room and get started.

The Nature of Gor

If you haven't read any of the books of Gor, you should know that Gor is based on a fantasy world where laws are made and broken with the sword, honor is held higher than one's own life and when a man desires a woman, he claims her, and quite usually enslaves her as his property.   There are many articles on this site that describe the Gorean concept of slavery so we won't go into too much detail her on that subject.   Let is suffice to say that if you are a man, and playing a Free Man of Gor, you are expected to act like a Gorean Man, confident and strong.   Unafraid to take a woman by the hair, strip her clothes off, a collar on her neck and call her your slave.  If you are a woman staring your role-play as a Free Woman or a slave, you can expect that if you aren't careful a Man will do exactly that to you in the scope of his role-play, and then you are expected to behave as his slave in every way while in the chat room.  

That said, it should be blazingly clear by now that Gorean Role-play is not for minors.  This is an adult theme and adult role-play in every aspect.   It is not uncommon to see graphic language and actions within a Gorean role-play room.   If you are offended by explicit scenes of violent or sexual nature, then this isn't the kind of chat room you should be in.   Some of the safe rooms are relatively free of explicit role-play, and some of the regular rooms tend to keep it to a minimum, but others not only allow it, they encourage it.

Avatars used by slaves are encouraged to be sexually explicit, with nudity common, although vulgar or overly explicit images are discouraged as non-tasteful and pornographic, not a representation of the nudity of slaves.   Please do not enter a room with an avatar showing nudity that exceeds an erotic representation of the female form, (or male form for male slaves).  Images showing aroused male genitalia or penetration in the male or female images is also forbidden in most rooms, but highly erotic nude images are very much encouraged in all rooms.

The slaves of Gor were not permitted modesty or to hide their lustful desire to be used by men, so acting as such is also very acceptable, just as men in Gor felt no need to hide their desire to enjoy the pleasures of women.  

In Gorean chat rooms sexual relations between men and women is called 'furring'.   As mentioned before, furring can be done publicly in many rooms and in private in most rooms.  It is quite common and a natural part of Gor, but respect is the word of the day.  Don't assume anything from another in the room, till you know that the typist behind the keyboard is consenting to the role-play transpiring.

Role-playing in Gor gives both men and women a chance to explore deeper fantasies in a more primal way, that the books have inspired.   Those that don't share these fantasies, don't come to Gor, they have an abundance of other role-play rooms to fill their time with, those that do however may want to share these fantasies with others, but are still living breathing people at the other end of a keyboard somewhere in the world.   Never forget this fact.  RESPECT your fellow role-players and you will find someone who shares your desires from your role-playing experience.   Disrespect your fellow role-players and you are destined to find a traumatic and hurtful experience ahead.

Do's & Don'ts


   Add realism to your posts, the more you think out your actions, the more it lends to realistic role-play.

   Be descriptive - again, the more detail offered the better others can respond to you and your actions.

   Become the Gorean you are playing.   Don't be limited by the rules that govern our society, you're in Gor once you enter the chat room.  Be a Gorean.

   Respect other people in the room.  Many have been playing the character you see for years and value both their character and the role-play/storyline they are in.  Don't treat your time in the chat room like you are playing an arcade game.  Once a character is killed or lost to an unwanted fate, it is done.  No do overs!


   Don't Rush into role-play till you are ready to take part.  Many rooms will let you use an -o- or observer tag to watch and learn.

   Don't disrespect the room you are visiting.  Read the rules before entering and be prepared to follow them.

   Don't Gender-bend - Meaning if you are a man, play a man, if you are a woman, play a woman. Gender bending will get you banned from a chat site.

   Don't play more than one character at a time.  That is considered dueling and is strictly forbidden by all Gorean Chat realms.   Once you retire a character or it is killed, you may take on a new character, not before.

   Don't treat others disrespectfully. Read about relations between Goreans.  Slaves were cherished and valued, Free Women were given respect as such, Free men were given respect or your faced their wrath.  Behind every Gorean is a real person from Earth, with feelings and emotions.

   Don't use Gor as your place to vent your real life issues.  We are not here to be beat up cause you want vengence on the bully that beat you up.  We are not here to suffer for all the bad stuff that happens in your life in any way.   Nor can we be expected walk on egg shells cause you have issues, come for fun and fantasy, and leave the issues at home in your real life.

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