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Rules Governing Gorean Role-Play ...
Every site has it's own rule sets governing how a person can role-play within the site, and specifically in Gor.   Although these rules can vary greatly, they tend to have many common considerations.  We will attempt to outline the general rules you can expect to find on every site, as well as the behaviors that are expected by all Gorean Role-Players.

We will also give some examples of what is not acceptable, all too common behavior.  No place on this world or Gor is perfect, but if we all work together we can do our best to make Gorean role-play and enjoyable place for all!

Legal Rules

Privacy Act - If not stated, it is implied by most sites that in accordance with the Privacy Act that absolutely NO Public personal information is to be posted within the rooms or message boards (real names, phone numbers, address, IP#'s, etc).

Illegally Sharing Paid Memberships - If you have a paid member you are not permitted to share your login information with any other parties. This means, login name, password or any other information found in the members only areas. If you do your membership could be  revoked.

Underage Pornography - The use of underage pornography is illegal. Anyone seen posting underage pornography or using underage characters in any way whether in open or PM which includes using a character names can expect to be banned from the site it occurred on and law enforcement agencies being notified.  No site owner will risk going to jail for you, so don't do it!

You must be at least 18 years or older - ALL Gorean role-play sites are adult sites requiring all participating and visiting individuals to be at least 18 years old.  No exceptions!  Want to see how fast you can be banned from a site?  Let the site moderators or owners think you are under age.  Some sites may allow the Non-Player Character (NPC) use of fictional children so long as no illegal acts are depicted, but actually role-playing yourself at a child is also forbidden as well.  Just too many legalities involved.

This also includes the use of underage nicknames like 'Mary(f/15) or any other name that suggests the person is under 18 years old.

Bestiality - NO Bestiality images may be posted period anywhere on any role-playing site, Gorean or otherwise.

Harassment - NO harassing/threats towards anyone ever.  Harassment and Stalking are illegal in every state, and most countries.  If it's illegal to do in your hometown, you can't do it here either.  Most sites have a zero tolerance policy and will post the offenders name and alias' on message boards to warn others of the existence of such people.

Typical Rules

Observers - Observers must follow the rules of each room you will see a list of rules on each entrance page it is highly recommended you read this page as ignorance is no excuse. Breaking this rule will quite commonly result in you being booted from a room by the room or site moderator.  Repeated offenses may result in permanent banning from the site. By entering the rooms you agree to follow these rules and accept the consequences for breaking them.  See individual site rules for exact rules and penalties for violating them.

Gender Bending - Due to the intense nature of Gorean role play, cross gender role play is disallowed in all Gorean Role-Playing sites.   Men shall role play male Goreans and women shall role play female Goreans. Failure to comply will result in removal, booting or banning.  Most sites will also post the offenders alias' and IP address(s) on a message board to warn other about the offender.

Dulling - Dulling is NOT allowed in Gorean role-play, EVER! Dulling is where one person runs two different characters concurrently anywhere in Gorean online role play. Anyone caught dulling will have all their characters actions annulled and be banned from all Pure Gor rooms.

Shelving - Shelving a character is option that many use when they either tire of the character they are role-playing or life in Gor has become so difficult for them as that character they simply want a fresh start.  This is not a reversible decision per the rules of all Gorean role-play sites.  Many take this further and say that you can only shelve a character if you are not actively involved in a role-play scenario.  For instance, if you have been captured and don't want to follow through on the role-play, shelving may be considered un-Gorean like and the site it occurred on may rule your character killed if you refuse to come back and complete the role-play.  It is considered dishonorable to simply abandon active role-play.  

Non-Consensual Rulings - Some sites have a clause however that states that if you were non-consensually forced into the role-play or the role-play has taken on a twist that makes it uncomfortable or non-consensual by one of the involved parties, that the offended party can invoke a Non-Consensual role-play clause and be freed of the role-play, the active role-play subsequently being ruled invalid and non-consensual.  This is not the case on many sites, but it does exist in some.

Ignoring Posts - Ignoring valid role-play posts directed to you by another is not considered acceptable behavior in the Gorean community. If you are in a r/p and someone forces themselves in to your r/p, and have used the proper steps to do so, you MUST honor their post and respond. In failing to do so without a legit real time reason you are going against the Gorean community's way of r/p. You must respond and work your way out of the situation if you don't want  to be in it.  Likewise, they must deal with what comes of their choices.  The only exception to this rule on some sites is if there is a legitimate Out of Character or Real-Time reason for disregarding their posts.  For instance, if you believe the person posting to you is a minor, you are not bound to role-play with a minor, since after all this is Adult Role-Play.  Use discretion with ignoring posts and don't get yourself into trouble simply cause you didn't want the person to engage in role-play with you.   This is how Gor your best to deal with it.

Respect the Home (Room) you are in - There is but one rule that should be universal on Gor, the sovereignty of a person's home. The rules of a person's home always take precedence in that home. No outsider can change, modify, ignore, or replace a person's rules in their home. But, as on Gor, the rules of one's home extend no further than the boundaries of that home. Once you leave your home, you must then follow the rules of whatever home you visit. If a person dislikes the rules of another's home, then they are free to not visit that home. That said, all room rules must reflect reasonable and realistic Gorean Role Play.

Judging - Most all sites will allow two parties with a dispute to pick an unbiased and mutually agreed on judge to evaluate the role-play scripts and determine a realistic outcome.  This is typically done as the result of combat or capture/enslavement that initial result of has been disputed by the losing party.

Realism - Homes rely on the assumption that they are living cities/camps/etc, with hundreds of people dwelling there as well as visitors. Thus, all role-play within Homes must take this assumption into consideration. Role-play that fails to consider this assumption may be declared invalid.

Bad Behavior

There are many things that can be considered bad behavior while engaging in Gorean Role-Play.  Below are a list of the most common and serious offenses that should never be done or tolerated by any site:

Harassment of other individuals

Needless killing/maiming or enslavement of other players without valid role-play to support not just the act, but the reason for the act.  Gor is not a license to be a bully.

Stalking of other characters beyond the role-play

Allowing Real-time thoughts, words and actions to influence the In Character role-play.

Abuse of Out of Character communication within In Character role-play.  (Taking MSN messenger communications into consideration with your In Character actions, for example.)

Mental/Emotional abuse of another role--player.

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