Starting Point for new Role-Players

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Starting Point for new Role-Players Empty Starting Point for new Role-Players

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Starting Point for new Role-Players
Welcome to Gor, maybe you are still checking it out, maybe you are ready to find a home on Gor.  In either case, this page will help you get started.

Finding a Home

The first thing you need to do is get yourself registered on the Message board of the room you are wanting to join and fill out any information that room may wish you to complete on their message board.  (Hint:  Most all rooms have a message board for their members to exchange information offline or out of character.)

Once that is completed you need to change your tags and/or Making an Avatar as appropriate to reflect your new home or simply the status of your character in Gor.

Next, (if you have not done so already), you will want to visit the website of the home your considering joining to read their rules, review any map of the room area and get a general understanding of how things work in that room.  Rooms are located in a specific region of Gor and thus fall under the cultural considerations of that region.  Although we understand new homes and new rules may take some adjustments to get used to, you will be expected to learn and adhere to their rules, both site and room.

Understanding the Philosophies of how a room is operated is very important for good role play.

There is no excuse for not knowing the room rules so ensure you read them.

For accurate Role Play you should know the layout of the room.  Some rooms have a detailed Map of the main area in the room and surrounding areas. Visit the Maps as often as you need and ask questions if you are confused.  Most rooms owners and members will gladly help you out.

While most room websites have numerous links to excellent information to aid in your role-play, there are in fact hundreds of links to very good information on Gor.  Pretty much anything you will ever need.  We have included as much information as we could and are constantly striving to add more, but we are far from the only resource on Gor.  If you don't find what you seek here we suggest running a search on  It is an excellent search tool for references on Gor.

Welcome to Gorean Role-Play.   We hope you find everything you need and get many hours, months, even years of enjoyment from being here.

Picking a Character

When deciding what role you will play in Gor, consider several factors before making a final decision.

Knowledge of Gor – If you haven't read any of the books or spent time learning and watching, you are probably not equipped to take on just any role as a Gorean.   Even a slave has some basic knowledge when they start out in their role-play.
The specifics of your Caste - If you play a Free person you will need to choose a Caste, as therefore learn the in's and out's of that caste.  If you pick a high Caste like physician, you may have a hard time making your character believable without doing some research into the Caste and profession you chose first.
Know what is expected of slaves - If you choose to be a slave, understand the basics of slavery in Gor.  If you are a free, know what slaves will expect from you.
Being a Warrior is not as easy as it seems - If you choose to pick a warrior type character, learn how to fight with the rules used for combat on the site you are role-playing on.
Be sure you are ready! - Don't engage in role-play unless you are sure you're ready for all that the role-play entails.   From the violence that is Gor to the sexual relations between Frees and their slaves, know what you are getting into.

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